[rrd-users] Accumulative power usage graph

gm_sjo saqmaster at gmail.com
Sat Feb 21 10:39:15 CET 2009

Hi all,

This is my first post to this list so let me know if anything is out
of order. I'm a complete rrdtool noob so bear with me.

I've got some power usage graphs knocked up, using a currentcost CC128
as a data source, via a Perl script. It's working fine just displaying
historic actual usage, as per this example :-


Now, more importantly than the above graph I need to create a chart
showing kWh used per day/month/quarter/year. I'm thinking that because
I have a 1 day graph with an average consumption value I should be
able to transpose this into a kwh used for that day.

Something like this :-


Problem is I have no idea how to achieve this - has anyone done this
that could share their conf, or perhaps just some

At the bottom is one of the power graph confs.


/usr/local/bin/rrdtool graph /var/www/htdocs/images/power_1h.png
--watermark "SAQ POWER - 1 HOUR" --start end-1hour \
--width 750 --height 100 --end now --slope-mode --vertical-label Watts
--lower-limit 0 --alt-autoscale-max \
DEF:Power=powertemp.rrd:Power:AVERAGE \
DEF:PowerMin=powertemp.rrd:Power:MIN \
DEF:PowerMax=powertemp.rrd:Power:MAX \
CDEF:PowerRange=PowerMax,PowerMin,- \
LINE1:PowerMin: AREA:PowerRange#0000FF11:"":STACK \
LINE1:PowerMin#0000FF33:"" \
LINE1:PowerMax#0000FF33:"" \
LINE1:Power#0000FF:"" \
GPRINT:PowerMin:MIN:"Min\:%4.0lfW" \
GPRINT:PowerMax:MAX:"Max\:%4.0lfW" \

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