[rrd-users] Timestamp problem

Mats Gustafsson gentoo at mats-gustafsson.se
Mon Feb 23 14:05:31 CET 2009

I have been running rrdtool for nearly two years now with no problems,
but now I all of a sudden have started to experience some strange things.
One thing that I just realized is that the timestamp does not behave as
I expected. If I for example at 2009/02923 01:50 pm updates my database
like this:
$ rrdtool update /home/mats/mirror/weather_db/measure3.rrd
And then look at the timestamp of the last update:
$ rrdtool last /home/mats/mirror/weather_db/measure3.rrd
The timestamp indicates that the last update was done at 2009/02/23
04:45:10 am PST.
If I instead of N uses my own timestamp then it looks like I would expect:
$ /usr/bin/rrdtool update /home/mats/mirror/weather_db/measure3.rrd
$ rrdtool last /home/mats/mirror/weather_db/measure3.rrd
1235425500 (equals 2009/02/23 01:45:00 pm PST)

What is it that I am doing wrong here, or why does not the "N" option
work as I expect?

Many thanks for your help.


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