[rrd-users] Timestamp problem (OT)

Karl Fischer rrd-users at ficos.de
Tue Feb 24 19:23:09 CET 2009

Alex van den Bogaerdt wrote:
> 'unixtime' is a bash function I've written:
> unixtime ()
> {
>     /bin/date -ud 1970-01-01\ 00:00\ +0000\ +${1}sec +%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ
> }
> (if someone knows a better function: please do share!)


if one conversion is all you need, your tiny function is perfect.

I've written a slightly more sophisticated perl script for that purpose
which offers some more functionality/flexibility:
(find it attched for whoever might find it useful):

You can call it in 3 ways: as a filter, with files or timestamp arguments.
And you can define different time formats like "%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ"
(the above is implemented as ZULU)

Especially when looking at logfiles with timestamps (eg. squid)
or when using rrdfetch this becomes quite handy:

# rrdtool fetch ntp.rrd AVERAGE -r 60 -s NOW-300  | unixtime -us

2009-02-24 18:09:00 UTC (1235498940): 1.6131666667e-02
2009-02-24 18:10:00 UTC (1235499000): -1.4716250000e-02
2009-02-24 18:11:00 UTC (1235499060): -4.6193333333e-04
2009-02-24 18:12:00 UTC (1235499120): 8.1344333333e-03
2009-02-24 18:13:00 UTC (1235499180): 8.6324000000e-03
2009-02-24 18:14:00 UTC (1235499240): nan

# unixtime -h

  usage: unixtime [-f format] [-t timezone] [-suz] [arguments]

    -?: this help
    -h: this help
    -f: define the strftime format
    -s: add the replaced timestamp in ()
    -t: use the timezone specified
    -u: use UTC timezone (default: local timezone)
    -z: print ZULU time

  unixtime can be used as a filter:
  eg: rrdtool fetch ... | unixtime [options]

  or with filenames as arguments:
  eg: unixtime [options] file1 file2 ... filen

  or with timestamps as arguments:
  unixtime [options] 1232182800 1232182860 ...

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