[rrd-users] last average is NaN?

Bohdan Linda bohdan.linda at seznam.cz
Tue Jan 13 10:52:33 CET 2009

On 12.01.2009 20:30 +0100, nate wrote:
> Levente Kovacs wrote:
> > My only question is why is that so that the last average is allways "NaN"?
> It seems because that last value is in the future(the next value(s) to
> be updated).

This is question for Tobi, I think. 

I created one daily measurement with 24 hrs steps and it seems:

a) RRD gets updated properly when time interval is closed. Till it is not
closed, it is all the time NaN, even it is updated. This is your case and
seems to be logical, as rrd has to compensate for multiple updates. One
time slot can be updated more than once during step period.

b) what is strange for me, that rrdgraph takes last value as current-2
(current is opened NaN). This means rrdgraph is displaying 2 generations
old value - in my case 2 days old. I would expect one day old.


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