[rrd-users] piechar support on 1.3.6

Francesco Andreozzi francesco.andreozzi at gamestorm.it
Tue Jan 27 11:55:14 CET 2009

Hi all, i download the laset stable version (1.3.6) ans i would like  
to compile with piechart support.
But i cant find any option to activate this... i compile on a linux debian.
I look in the code with a grep and i fount an environment variable  
called WITH_PIECHART .. but seems only avaible under win32 or netware  
waht i have to do ? i need to apply a path ? whats are the "know" but  
of this feature ?
thanks for your help

i simply try the example

rrdtool piechart example.png     --width 400 --height 400     --title  
"Localhost:/data Disk Utilization"     --base 1024     --label-slices   
DEF:free=localhost-df-data.rrd:df_free:LAST     CDEF:total=used,free,+  
     SLICE:used#00ff00:"used     "     SLICE:free#ffffff:"available"    
   GPRINT:total:LAST:"%8.2lf %sB\c"     GPRINT:used:LAST:"%8.2lf  
%sB\c"     GPRINT:free:LAST:"%8.2lf %sB\c"

and this is the error!
ERROR: unknown function 'piechart'

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