[rrd-users] problem with rrdupdate

Tomasz Pajor nikon at puffy.pl
Tue Jul 21 22:34:11 CEST 2009


I'm using python rrd binding.
I've created a rrd database.

rrdtool.create('rrd/requests.rrd', '--start', '1248208118', '--step', 
'60', 'DS:REQUESTS:GAUGE:60:0:250', 'RRA:AVERAGE:0.50:1440:365', 
'RRA:AVERAGE:0.50:60:744', 'RRA:AVERAGE:0.50:1:4320')

After that I'm starting to populate it with update.

rrdtool.update(rrd/requests.rrd, '1248208188:3')

I'm not getting any errors, but the database is not populated, sometimes 
record lands in the database sometimes not.

sent 3 updates:

UPDATE: rrd/requests.rrd 1248208188:3
UPDATE: rrd/requests.rrd 1248208248:10
UPDATE: rrd/requests.rrd 1248208309:6

fetch is :

rrdtool fetch rrd/requests.rrd -s n-1h -e n-10s -r 10 AVERAGE

1248208020: nan
1248208080: nan
1248208140: nan
1248208200: nan
1248208260: nan
1248208320: nan
1248208380: nan

So what am I doing wrong?

Tomasz Pajor

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