[rrd-users] Imnpact of daylight saving on mrtg

Firdous Saleheen saleheen.firdous at mango.com.bd
Sun Jun 7 20:17:51 CEST 2009


We are using MRTG with RRDtool for network monitoring. The specifications
are as belows:

MRTG version : 2.16.2
RRDtool version : 1.2.27
SNMP version : 1 and 3
Platform : CentOS release 5.2 (Final)

My question is that is there any effect of daylight saving on MRTG graph?
Do I need to change anything?

I live in Bangladesh which maintains BDT(UTC+6hr) for its time. From 19 June
, 2009 it would forward its clock one hour i.e. the time would be then
UTC+7hr. But there is no standard defined like Bdt  for it.

Can anyone plz let me know the impact or give me some resources impact of
daylight saving on mrtg?

It would be highly appreciated  

Firdous Saleheen

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