[rrd-users] right axis with different start/stop

Alexander Skwar alexanders.mailinglists+nospam at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 08:59:49 CEST 2009

Hoi Tobias!

On Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 08:12, Tobias Oetiker <tobi at oetiker.ch> wrote:
> Hoi Alexander,
> Today Alexander Skwar wrote:
> > Hi.
> >
> > In the manual, I found the --right-axis option and am curious in how
> > to use it.
> >
> > I would like to draw idle CPU usage (with values 0..100) on one y-axis
> > (the left one) and some "application performance" values which has
> > values 1000..10000.
> >
> > How would I need to set the scales?
> >
> > If I'd only have one y-axis, I'd use --upper-limit 10000 and --lower-limit
> > 1000.
> > But doing that, the CPU values wouldn't be shown; or I'd set the limits
> > to 0 and 100 - but then, the app perf. values would be out of range... :(
> >
> > What would be the best way to go about this, using the current RRDtool
> > version on Solaris 10?
> note that the right axis has to be configured based on the left
> axis, you can shift and scale it ...

Okay, understood.

This brings me to another, related question:

How do you set a lower and upper limit for the left or right y-axis?
With only 1 y-axis, I'd use upper-limit and lower-limit. So, if I wanted
to see values 90..100, I'd use -l 90 -u 100. But how to do that, if y1:=90..100
and y2:=1000..10000?

> as for the content of the graph, you have to use CDEF to adjust
> position and size of something like CPU. The reason for this is
> that I want the grid to be true for both axis and this is only
> possible when they are somehow coupled ...

Okay. Would be nice, though, if it were possible to have two
y-axis lines in the graph; kinda like the way gnuplot does it.

Hm. I suppose rrdtool cannot do what I want, because the
way it's now, the two y-axis have to be somehow coupled (as
you say). But I'm looking for a way to have two completely
seperate y-axis (actually, I'd love it if one the y-axis could be
logarithmithic and the other one not - this is clearly not possible
if both axis have to be coupled somehow).

Thanks a lot,
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