[rrd-users] Stack valuates together to a daily bar

Bart Van Der Meerssche bart.vandermeerssche at jokamajo.org
Thu Jun 11 09:59:39 CEST 2009

Hi Marc,

you can achieve this by creating multiple RRA's in one RRD, e.g.
rrd create ... -s 60

will store
120 entries with a 1min interval
192 entries with a 15min interval
60 entries with a 1day interval
520 entries with a 1week interval
for you.

Then run:
rrdgraph ... -s -1week ...

RRD will select the highest resolution available that covers the entire 
interval to plot on the graph. In this case, it will fetch data from the 
1day RRA.

To see this code in action for my home electricity usage, surf to 


Marc Tobien wrote:
> Hi
> I am monitoring a solar panel. Every minute the watts are written into a 
> the database. Now for better presentation I am trying to gather the 
> data’s from every day and present the result for each day in only one 
> bar, so I can see for example 7 bars in one week and can se what was the 
> best day.
> I am working with php and my string is looking like this:
> /usr/bin/rrdtool graph /var/www/temperature/solarleistung_week.png -s 
> -1week DEF:w1=/var/log/digitemp_rrd/solar_kw.rrd:watt:AVERAGE 
> LINE1:w1#48d1cc:"Solarleistung in Watt" -h300 -w500 -y1:2 --color 
> GRID#dddddd --color MGRID#aaaaaa.
> How can I say to rrd to gather the data’s every day to one bar?
> Regards
> Marc
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