[rrd-users] q:how are decimal places calculated on Y-axis? (how toinfluence)?

Reinhard Scheck Reinhard.Scheck at team-scheck.de
Sun Jun 21 12:17:44 CEST 2009

Am 21.06.2009 02:55, Pablo Sanchez wrote:
> [ Comments below, in line ]
> Hi Alex,
> I had upgraded to a later version (1.2.27) of `rrdtool' per Tobi's
> suggestion.  I downgraded back to 1.2.23 and that fixed the issue
> above.

I'm using rrdtool 1.3.8 and have documented the results of this discussion here: 

1.3.8 does _not_ require usage of upper/lower limit for best results


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