[rrd-users] Using 64bit RRDs on a 32bit machine?

Ulf Zimmermann ulf at openlane.com
Tue Jun 2 18:41:00 CEST 2009

> Subject: [rrd-users] Using 64bit RRDs on a 32bit machine?
> I've got RRD files being maintained on 64bit machines, which I'd like
> to
> create graphs from, but on a 32bit machine.  I've thought of building
> rrd for 32bit on my 64bit machines, but it seems to be a little too
> complicated.  Any other way to overcome this?
> /Per Jessen, Zürich

I am running the same 32bit rrdtool on our 64bit machines (all RedHat EL4). I wished I didn't have to.

It is one of the things I really would love to see changed.


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