[rrd-users] Error in database?

Karl Fischer rrd-users at ficos.de
Thu Mar 5 14:59:49 CET 2009

Mats Gustafsson wrote:
>> rrdtool dump measure10.rrd \
>> | pcregrep -v '<!-- 19[567]\d-\d+-\d+ \d+:\d+:\d+ \w+ / -?\d+ -->' > new
>> rrdtool restore new new.rrd
>> did work for me - YMMV
>> hth
>> - Karl
> Hi Karl,
> before I received your proposal I tried to shrink the databases using
> rrdtool resize. This seems to work just fine (knock on wood).
> Could you see any disadvantage with this method?


of course I thought about resize first, but since rrdtool obvoisly can't
handle the data properly (fetch didn't work) I simply didn't trust that
method anymore. Dumping the data and restoring it seemed safer to me.
Does that make sense?

- Karl

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