[rrd-users] Exporting numbers from rrdtool database

Stream Service info at streamservice.nl
Fri Mar 6 14:09:38 CET 2009


Is the following possible with rrdtool (I did not see an option for it to be
honest). I use the rrdtool log option in MRTG to create logfiles and I use
mrtg-rrd.cgi to create graphics for these logfiles (changing this isn't a
Now I need the following information:
- GB traffic for a certain problem (I had something for the MRTG logs, but
it cannot read the rrdtool logs :( ), this period is normally the same as
the period for the graph.
- mbit(95%) traffic calculation for a certain period (this period is the
same as the period for the GB traffic information).

Both numbers should be in HTML/plaintekst/XML/etc. (so not in a picture).

Is there a program that can do this you know or how can I create something
for it with rrdtool?

With kind regards,

Mark Scholten
Stream Service
We support the opensource community with hosting NL.PHP.NET and
grisham.freenode.net and are creating some scripts that in the future will
become opensource.

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