[rrd-users] Need Help Migrating RRD data

James Wade jkwade at futurefrontiers.com
Fri May 15 16:20:48 CEST 2009



So, I am using Hobbit(xymon) to monitor our servers, and

I wrote a script that gives the number of users

accessing specific URL's which goes into the RRD database.


I now want to track the number of users accessing another

URL, so I modified my script to add another column to the

RRD database.


If this was a new script, Hobbit would automatically generate

the new RRD database and set it up with default values, and

the new entry would be included. 


So, I know I can just remove the existing database and have it

re-create the database and it will start pulling the new data.


However, I want my old data from the other values in there

in addition to the new one.


So, how do I go about adding the additional column? Can I just

add it, or do I have to re-create the database? If I have to recreate

the file, how do I export the old data and put it in the new file?


Any assistance would be appreciated.








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