[rrd-users] Help creating graphs using Perl and command line; 'SCALAR' is not a valid function name

Benson, Brian Brian.Benson at nagrastar.com
Tue May 19 20:13:29 CEST 2009

Hi all,


This does not seem to be a very popular error for RRD on this site or a
Google search so I may be running down a rabbit hole.


I'm trying to learn RRDtool using the rrd-beginners web page.  That web
page shows a shell script and a Perl script that does some of the
basics.  I have removed almost all the Perl code and got down to the
call to graph and I'm getting an error:

"problem generating the graph: 'SCALAR' is not a valid function name"


I'm assuming that this error is generated by RRDtool and not Perl.  Can
someone help me get RRDtool working?


I'm using rddtool version 1.2.15:


ts04:~/tools/rrd# rrdtool --version

RRDtool 1.2.15  Copyright 1997-2006 by Tobias Oetiker <tobi at oetiker.ch>

               Compiled Dec 14 2006 22:05:35



If I try some of these things on the command line it get even less help.

It looks like rrdtool fetch is working:

ts04:~/tools/rrd# rrdtool fetch target.rrd AVERAGE



1242705600: 1.9630934075e+05

1242709200: 1.9625263243e+05


-- snip -


1242774000: 1.9644732828e+05

1242777600: 1.9646400000e+05

1242781200: 1.9646400000e+05

1242784800: 1.9644732804e+05

1242788400: 1.9646400000e+05

1242792000: nan


rrdtool graph says it's working but it does not produce output or error:


ts04:~/tools/rrd# rrdtool graph /tmp/bb.png


ts04:~/tools/rrd# echo $?


ts04:~/tools/rrd# ll /tmp/bb.png

ls: /tmp/bb.png: No such file or directory



Thanks in advance,






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