[rrd-users] RRD Newbee needs help with RRD Perl script

Mark Woodruff n3hf at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 4 02:03:23 CET 2009

Recently installed Version 1.3.8 and have been trying to make a Perl script wrritten by Brian Lane (Digitemp) from what I have been able to determine the scripts hangs up on the line containing:


# Output a HTML header for the PNG image to follow
print $cgi->header('image/png');
# Generate the graph
RRDp::cmd "graphv - --imgformat PNG",
"--start '$starttime' --end '$endtime'",
"--width $width --height $height",
print $$answer;

After reading rrd tutiorial I wrote a shorten bash script which works fine which tells me my RRD datafile is fine. Is there a bug and/or do I have installation issue?? 


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