[rrd-users] Non Linear X-Axis

Dod dodfr at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 24 10:19:54 CET 2009


Very interesting idea !

>> > If possible to have bars that correspond as follows from right to left
>> >
>> > 7 x 1day
>> > 24x 1 hour
>> > 60 x 1 minute
>> >
>> > with each bar showing the average, max and min for the period.
>> >
>> > Of course I could be barking mad.
>> there is presently no such functionality in rrdtool ... I wonder
>> though if the resulting graph would be much help to people since
>> the funky scale might be pretty confusing ...
>> have you ever seen such a graph and made sense of it ...

SP> I have seen such a graph, hence the idea, indeed initially it was
SP> confusing, but you very quickly get used to it, makes looking at trends
SP> fairly easy.

SP> Cheers

SP> Stuart

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