[rrd-users] How to: Write latest set of values with GPRINT

peter juuls peterjuuls at yahoo.es
Mon Oct 5 17:39:22 CEST 2009

Beginners question, I guess....

I've created a rrd database with this command 

   rrdtool create %rrdfile% --start n 
       DS:femtendata:GAUGE:600:U:U   (...)

Every 5 minutes I insert the latest set of values into the rrd database, and running this 
command correctly returns timestamp and the latest set of values

   rrdtool lastupdate  %rrdfile%

This command line generates a png-file with maximum-value printed in  the bottom line 
Question: How do I expand the command line to make rrdtool write the latest set of absolute 

    rrdtool graph  (...)
       DEF:femten=%rrdfile%:femtendata:AVERAGE  (.....)
       VDEF:femax=femten,MAXIMUM  (...)
       GPRINT:femax:"%%10.0lf"    (what to insert here?)

Best regards


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