[rrd-users] Legend colour box without plot

Adam Armstrong lists at memetic.org
Wed Oct 14 16:18:15 CEST 2009

>> Hi,
>> I'd like to plot a coloured 'legend box' without plotting to the graph.
> Not sure if it's going to work, but my first attempt would be to have a CDEF 
> to always produce NaN, and just plot this one.
> Something like:
> cdef:nan=UNKN,ds0,POP
> LINE1:nan#00CC00:input1
> LINE1:nan#0000FF:output1
> LINE1:nan#FF0000:input2
> LINE1:nan#FFCC00:output2
> and so on.
> You can plot the real data without a legend, and do so in the correct 
> stacking order.
Doesn't help me do what i want at all, though. I want two legend boxes 
next to eachother with no legend for one of them. RRDTool always removes 
the box if there is no legend for it.

using /s helped, but it's still a bit tall


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