[rrd-users] Bug in dump/restore

Fabian Zimmermann fabian.zimmermann at bluecellnetworks.com
Tue Oct 20 16:08:52 CEST 2009

Hi Benny Bauman,

 > Hi, when I enhanced the rrd_dump method a bit I did some changes to
 > rrd_dump to reduce the output of spaces. IDK if this has any effect, but
 > the versions affected by this aren't before 1.3.999*. Please recheck
 > with a version there, if you notice any differences and report back 

rrdtool dump org.rrd > test.xml
rrdtool restore test.xml dump.rrd
ERROR: line 45: expected a value but found an <value> element

on RRDtool 1.3.999 (Debian/experimental)

 > In addition it would be nice if you could have a look if this affects
 > import (restore) or export (dump) of an RRD file, but given your initial
 > export had the correct values still present I suspect the error to be
 > within rrd_restore. Please try to verify this by querying the stored
 > values using a rrd_fetch or simular means.

rrdtool fetch org.rrd AVERAGE

1256026500: 2,1552833333e+02 3,3772833333e+02
1256026800: 2,1552833333e+02 3,3772833333e+02
1256027100: 4,1999333333e+02 6,8830666667e+02

rrdtool fetch dump.rrd AVERAGE

1256026500: 2,0000000000e+00 3,0000000000e+00
1256026800: 2,0000000000e+00 3,0000000000e+00
1256027100: 4,0000000000e+00 6,0000000000e+00

both done with 1.3.1

 > Another detail which might be of interest: Which locales are you using
 > when running rrdtool?

export LC_ALL=C - SOLVED the problem!

 > P.S.: A short "summary" like "precision lost with reimport" would have
 > been nice ;-)

Sorry, next time ;)

Thanks for pointing me to the locale-workaround. If you need further 
information, just ask.


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