[rrd-users] problem compiling under slackware64

Marc MERLIN marc_rrd at merlins.org
Fri Oct 23 21:21:54 CEST 2009

On Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 12:02:40PM -0700, kamszot wrote:
> David OBrien-4 wrote:
> > 
> > The main error is that ...
> > 	checking for C compiler default output file name...
> > 	configure: error: in `/usr/src/rrdtool-1.3.8':
> > 	configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables
> > 
> > You don't have a C++ compiler on there. You need to install the gcc-c++
> > package or the Slackware equivalent
> > 
> > 
> i already have gcc:
> root at 83:/usr/src/upgrade# ls /var/log/packages/ | grep gcc
> gcc-4.3.3-x86_64-4
> gcc-g++-4.3.3-x86_64-4
> gcc-gfortran-4.3.3-x86_64-4
> gcc-gnat-4.3.3-x86_64-4
> gcc-objc-4.3.3-x86_64-4
> root at 83:/usr/src/upgrade# head -16 /var/log/packages/gcc-g++-4.3.3-x86_64-4
> PACKAGE NAME:     gcc-g++-4.3.3-x86_64-4
> PACKAGE LOCATION: /var/log/mount/slackware64/d/gcc-g++-4.3.3-x86_64-4.txz
> gcc-g++: gcc-g++ (C++ for GCC)
> gcc-g++:
> gcc-g++: C++ support for the GNU Compiler Collection.
> gcc-g++:
> gcc-g++: This package contains those parts of the compiler collection needed
> to
> gcc-g++: compile C++ code.  The base gcc package is also required.
> gcc-g++:
> there is no problem with compiling something else (like apache, mysql, php)

Those are C, not C++.
It is still likely that your g++ install isn't working.
See configure.log for the commands run and see if you can compile a C++

Also, make sure slackware doesn't do something stupid like calling the
executable gcc-g++ as opposed to just 'g++'
But more generally try to compile some hello world with g++

Also, on a personal note, slackware is not exactly a very polished works out
of the box distribution. I used it up to 1995 and it has evolved very little
in the last 14 years.
If you aren't comfortable debugging/fixing compilation problems like these,
I personally recommend you try another distribution, like ubuntu or other.

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