[rrd-users] Adding up a larger number of DEFs

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Tue Oct 27 22:42:43 CET 2009

Tobias Oetiker wrote:

>  > rrdtool 1.4.0 will have the new ADDNAN command
>aehm ... 1.3 got this ... sorry ... thinking too much about 1.4 at
>the moment

Cool ! Just what I've been looking for as well. A not too far off 
upgrade to my traffic graphing could do with being able to add the 
traffic from two routers (main and backup) - possibly up to 510 
elements (250 in, 250 out) in a stacked graph. I wasn't looking 
forward to doing it the long way :-/

<scuttles off to check the docs>

Simon Hobson

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