[rrd-users] using rrd-fetch on different rrd versions

Kevin P. Foote kpfoote at iup.edu
Thu Apr 1 16:40:43 CEST 2010

Hi all .. I have a question I cant seem to figure out. Its probably
related to versions of files and rrd itself?

I have a cgi that processes a number of rrd files and gives a quick
view of our network, similar to this [1].

My cgi utilizes rrdtool fetch and last to get a lot of this info. My cgi
works (and was build using rrdtool v1.0.45) the rrd files are all 
rrd_version 0001.

I'm now trying to move this cgi to an updated system using rrdtool v1.4.1
.. the rrd files were created in 0003 from the old .log files.

The cgi did not transfer over as well as I'd hoped... here is what I

old system (v1.0.45)

#> rrdtool last p-gw/p-gw..domain.48.rrd
#> rrdtool fetch p-gw/p-gw..domain.48.rrd AVERAGE -s 1270128605 -e 1270128605
                       ds0           ds1

1270128600: 1.0732106860e+07 2.0613049294e+06
1270128900: nan nan

#>rrdtool fetch p-gw/p-gw..domain.48.rrd AVERAGE -e 1270128605 -s e-1h
                       ds0           ds1

1270125000: 9.7269144271e+06 1.0919141715e+06
1270125300: 8.8460543158e+06 1.2361113724e+06
1270125600: 6.8147858863e+06 1.0363716217e+06
1270125900: 6.3934964925e+06 1.2206743095e+06
1270126200: 7.2838555685e+06 1.1741172224e+06
1270126500: 8.3824834738e+06 1.3510240963e+06
1270126800: 7.3780240816e+06 1.4877694660e+06
1270127100: 8.2552640772e+06 1.5213092213e+06
1270127400: 1.0140057357e+07 2.0537647957e+06
1270127700: 1.0411283593e+07 1.7643597675e+06
1270128000: 8.9832687010e+06 1.9343601365e+06
1270128300: 9.4893042253e+06 2.1962486770e+06
1270128600: 1.0732106860e+07 2.0613049294e+06
1270128900: 1.0200465016e+07 1.7934596805e+06

new system (v1.4.1)

#> rrdtool last
#> rrdtool fetch
/opt/netops/logs/p-gw/p-gw..domain.48.rrd AVERAGE -s 1270129817 -e 1270129817
                             ds0                 ds1

1270130100: nan nan
#> rrdtool fetch /opt/netops/logs/p-gw/p-gw..domain.48.rrd AVERAGE -e 1270129817 -s e-1h
                             ds0                 ds1

1270126500: 8.4262543537e+06 1.3438348268e+06
1270126800: 7.4725318401e+06 1.4941898914e+06
1270127100: 8.2927419247e+06 1.5459414521e+06
1270127400: 9.9426773601e+06 2.0037003950e+06
1270127700: 1.0518733187e+07 1.7919992178e+06
1270128000: 9.0407725630e+06 1.9691786607e+06
1270128300: 9.4605819838e+06 2.1231830550e+06
1270128600: 1.0684201693e+07 2.0754932151e+06
1270128900: 1.0095553905e+07 1.7893792049e+06
1270129200: 8.9499901631e+06 1.7249495181e+06
1270129500: 1.0585450694e+07 1.4641095182e+06
1270129800: 1.0634290170e+07 1.5452405575e+06
1270130100: nan nan

Is there a new(er) way to make my fetch query work for the latest entry? 
I've tried lastupdate but that does not give the value my app is

[1] http://www.people.iup.edu/kpfoote/files/netstats-clip.png


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