[rrd-users] Python rrd.info() interface wrong?

Gregory Guthrie guthrie at mum.edu
Fri Apr 2 19:42:40 CEST 2010

Using the python rrd interface I find that the info() call syntax is different than the documentation.

Documentation says:
     info = rrdtool.info('downloads.rrd')
     print info['last_update']
     print info['ds']['downloads']['minimal_heartbeat']

But I find that I have to use string literals to index instead: (for my example)
    Print info['ds[downloads].last_ds']  

Here is a direct print of the info object:  (shortened..)
{'rra[8].rows': 600L, 'rra[7].pdp_per_row': 288L,
 ... 'filename': '/usr/local/database/temp.rrd',
 ... 'last_update': 1270213204L,
 ... 'ds[temp].last_ds': '42',
 ... 'ds[temp].minimal_heartbeat': 172800L,
 ... 'ds[temp].value': 1965784.529142, ...}

I'm expert in neither Python nor RRD, so may be missing something!
Gregory Guthrie

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