[rrd-users] Huge memory usage of rrdtool

Masahiko KIMOTO kimoto at ohnolab.org
Tue Apr 20 10:09:23 CEST 2010


We've used rrdtool command in pipe mode from ruby script.
After a mounth, rrdtool process used a huge memory, approximately 400MB.

Keeping pipe, the following procedures run repeatedly,
 - update data / sec
 - generate graph / min

As we tested, updating data does not cause memory increasing, but
generate graph causes memory inflation.

Here's a question.
Is our usage, keeping a pipe and generating many graphs repeatedly, 
out of design of RRDtool?

Just I want to clarify if our implementation is theoretically wrong.

Best Regards,

Masahiko KIMOTO, Ph. D.
E-mail: kimoto at ohnolab.org        URL: http://www.ohnolab.org/~kimoto

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