[rrd-users] rrd consistency check ?

Roland Kletzing devzero at web.de
Wed Aug 11 01:33:15 CEST 2010

Hello !

how can i check if an rrd is sane ?

I have an embedded system which backups .rrd at specific intervals and if it 
crashes, it should recover automatically from the last backup.
(i`m writing to a rrd file in tmpfs and store backup every couple of hours 
to usb stick....to avoid early flash wearout because data being constantly 
written on USB, as the rrd is being updated every couple of seconds )

But the problem is, how can i make sure the last backup i`m restoring is 
sane, i.e. the .rrd is ok ? unfortunately, there seems to be no "rrdchk" or 
something like that !?

should i do "rrdtool dump my.rrd >/dev/null" and check return value being 
"0" or "!=0" ?
is that a safe method for checking rrd consistency ?

why i`m doing that? because i had 2 or 3 occurrences of .rrd being updated 
after restore and the update hang forever and was burning cpu forever, so 
there must have been something wrong with the .rrd, possibly because the rrd 
was being updated during the backup run....!?


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