[rrd-users] [rrd] Can't I turn off data smoothing for GAUGE?

Philip Peake philip at vogon.net
Thu Aug 19 17:37:59 CEST 2010

 On 8/19/2010 8:10 AM, Simon Hobson wrote:
> And something no-one has mentioned so far - you do not have to use 
> "now" in your update statement. Taking the example above, you can 
> compute what the time was at the last integral multiple of "step" and 
> use that. Eg, if you end up calling rrd tool at 00:00:07, then 
> instead of being 7 seconds late, you could use a timestamp of 
> 00:00:00.
> Obviously you may some some precision in timing, but if your primary 
> concern is to avoid normalisation then overall you gain.

That may actually be the best solution.

I have no control over how fast the remote systems respond with their
data, and under heavy load they will be slower.

Doing it this way, I can tolerate quite slow response ...

The other problem I was mulling over in my mind is that the data
gathering process might (will) be re-started from time to time -- how
would it ever find out the exact tim of the first update so that it
could time its own to be exactly N minutes, to the second, later.

Forcing the first entry on some convenient boundary, then calculating
boundary multiples and using those would fix my problem

Thanks Simon!  I will go play with this...


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