[rrd-users] [rrd] Can't I turn off data smoothing for GAUGE?

Reinhard Scheck Reinhard.Scheck at team-scheck.de
Thu Aug 19 18:47:10 CEST 2010

On 19.08.2010 16:26, Marc MERLIN wrote:
> input is cacti, I do not have full control on when I send data, but it
> sounds like even if I'm just one second off, it would break anyway, so
> that's just a non starter.
I know that people always are worrying about that when using cacti.

Following the discussion, I feel the need to provide control over update
timestamps. I'll make up my mind to follow the hints given in this very lively
discussion to allow updates on exact STEP boundaries work with cacti.

This part of the discussion should better be continued in the cacti forums,
though. I accept any hints on how to best implement (from the user's point of
view); well, to be fair, I also accept patches ;-)


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