[rrd-users] Text formatting

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Fri Dec 3 17:26:27 CET 2010

After reading the documentation on the web site, I'm still no wiser 
regarding text formatting !

In general it seems that when I GPRINT a number of values across a 
line (eg in0ave, in-max, out-ave, out-max) then the line up in 
columns all nice and neat. If however I omit some of the columns and 
pad the preceding field with space, the following columns don't quite 
line up.

The one I'm working on at the moment has me printing the four columns 
mentioned above for two lines, but on the third line I can sum the 
average rates, but have to leave the max rates blank*. The result is 
that the total outbound average is a few pixels out of line.

All I really want is to just have everything in the legend done in 
monospaced text.

* If you have average and total for two independent data sources, 
then you can add the averages to get total average traffic, but you 
can't add the maximums to get a meaningful number. Eg, I might have 
one router doing 1Mbps max, and the other doing 1Mbps max, but the 
total traffic could be anywhere between 1Mbps and 2Mbps max depending 
on how much overlap there is.
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