[rrd-users] Problem with rrdtool fetch

datenmull at gmx.at datenmull at gmx.at
Wed Jan 6 21:43:15 CET 2010

Hello everbody,

I am new to rrd, I think about (mis)using it to store and consolidate temperature and
humidity data from a logger.

I get a measurement about every 5 minutes, and want to store one data point/hour. While I
can draw graphs in various resolutions, including 1/hour, I cannot get the data out:

fetch always gives me the last 24 hours and seems to ignore start and stop. In the example 
below I try to fetch the data from January 1st-Jan2nd 2010. The data are there, I can draw 

What am I doing wrong?


rrdtool fetch loggertest4.rrd AVERAGE -r 3600 1262304000 1264982400
                            temp             feuchte

1262725200: -4.5683055556e+00 7.2148888889e+01
1262728800: -4.8541944444e+00 7.4461666667e+01
1262732400: -5.0843888889e+00 7.6596666667e+01
1262736000: -5.1494444444e+00 7.7665555556e+01
1262739600: -5.3385555556e+00 7.8134722222e+01
1262743200: -5.4215000000e+00 7.9633055556e+01
1262746800: -5.5127777778e+00 8.0000000000e+01
1262750400: -5.7084444444e+00 7.9665277778e+01
1262754000: -5.5222777778e+00 8.0956944444e+01
1262757600: -5.3033611111e+00 8.1083611111e+01
1262761200: -5.1676388889e+00 8.1950000000e+01
1262764800: -4.9418055556e+00 8.2000000000e+01
1262768400: -4.6332222222e+00 8.2334444444e+01
1262772000: -4.0836388889e+00 8.2250833333e+01
1262775600: -3.1754444444e+00 8.1102222222e+01
1262779200: -2.3348055556e+00 7.8155277778e+01
1262782800: -1.6711388889e+00 7.4716666667e+01
1262786400: -1.3828611111e+00 7.2884444444e+01
1262790000: nan nan
1262793600: nan nan
1262797200: nan nan
1262800800: nan nan
1262804400: nan nan
1262808000: nan nan
1262811600: nan nan

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