[rrd-users] How do I install RRDs 1.4.1 in a shared hosted environment (no admin rights)

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Mon Jan 11 16:13:22 CET 2010

I am sorry I am not a public person, I don't want to become one and it happens to know a lot about trust on Internet
social engineering and privacy. Feel free to use your real name if you have or want to. Such a statement as "AFAIK it's quite rude"
is rude itself in this context. The spam, especially on  lists like these should be labeled so by content if the messages are manually approved.
If the messages automatically moderated I would really like to see the script or the software that manage to eliminate the
spam and keep the spammers away just based on the "From header". At this point I am not sure which is worse, your reply or my cross posting.

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On Mon, Jan 11, 2010 at 03:54:24AM -0800, AllSort ofQuestions wrote:
> I am posting again, apparently the initial message didn't reach the list, I have no idea why. Please excuse me if this is going to result in duplicate messages

maybe because it looks like spam?
I mean, we don't even know your real name, and AFAIK it's quite rude to use
this kind of 'From:' header, not to mention the cross-posting.

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