[rrd-users] Legend in rrdtool-1.4.2

Tobias Oetiker tobi at oetiker.ch
Thu Jan 21 06:52:20 CET 2010

Hi Joseph,

Yesterday Joseph Mack NA3T wrote:

> On Wed, 20 Jan 2010, Tobias Oetiker wrote:
> > the fonts are different since the whole graphics system is
> > fundamentally different, you may be able to get something close to
> > 1.0.x looks by using lucida type writer bitmap fonts ... not tried
> > though ..
> thanks. Will have a look
> > what about the hours bit ? not sure what you mean there ...
> in the 1.0 series, for a 24hr chart, there's a number label every 2hrs for the
> time (00:00 02:00 04:00...), which I like In 1.4.2 there are labels only every
> 6hrs, so I have to count the alternating background shadings to find the time
> of any particular point.
> As well there is a string, eg "wed" to show the day, next to the 6hr time
> marks, which I don't need on the 24hr chart. I know today is today and I don't
> care whether it's "wed" or "thur". Presumably "wed","thur" etc will be useful
> on the weekly chart, but I haven't looked.

ah ... the labeling depends on the size of the graph and the font
and the amount of time depicted in the graph ... that 2-hour step
is still possible, but it seems to kick in at a different width of
graph ... maybe due to altered fontsize ...

there is an option to set the labeling by hand ... you may want to
use that for tighter control of the output.
> > hmmm this might proove to be more tricky ... you can start by
> > disabeling all the anitalias bits there are switches for that.
> OK will look at the antialiasing switches.
> Thanks Joe

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