[rrd-users] How to get Average for defined time only

Vinod Sharma vk.kaushik2006 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 08:10:31 CET 2010

I am creating daily graphs using RRDTool from the logs of my application. I
am using below settings to do the same.

rrdtool graph - \
 --start=end -7d \
 --end=midnight \
 --imgformat=PNG \
 --width=1048 \
 --base=1000 \
 --height=266 \
 --logarithmic \
 --interlaced \
 DEF:A=test.rrd:data:AVERAGE \
 CDEF:A=f,POP,LTIME,86400,%,3600,/,FLOOR,DUP,23,LT,*,6,GT,INF,UNKN,IF \
 AREA:A#7FFFD4: Day Time \

Currently I am displaying the day time as shown in above example but I want
to get the output average of day time data only i.e. 7AM to 10 PM. Can
anyone please suggest how can I get the average of day time data only and
skip other data.
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