[rrd-users] Problems w/ Y-Axis Units

Casey McGinty casey.mcginty at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 08:37:28 CEST 2010


Can someone show me how to get a better Y-axis on this graph? It would be
nice if it could indicate the first decimal value. I know --rigid will
adjust the range enough to fix it, but I like having a little padding on the
top and bottom. I'm running RRDtool 1.3.8

rrdtool create test.rrd \
   --step 36000\
   --start 1278216000\
   DS:test:GAUGE:36000:U:U \

rrdtool update test.rrd 1278216000:1.2995109312e+01
rrdtool update test.rrd 1278252000:1.2386894574e+01
rrdtool update test.rrd 1278288000:1.2756351457e+01
rrdtool update test.rrd 1278324000:1.2922753446e+01
rrdtool update test.rrd 1278360000:1.2355706091e+01
rrdtool update test.rrd 1278396000:1.3136786020e+01
rrdtool update test.rrd 1278432000:1.2281093692e+01
rrdtool update test.rrd 1278468000:1.2874299159e+01

rrdtool graph test.png --start 1262304000 --end 1278468000 \
        --alt-autoscale \
        --alt-y-grid \
        --width 450 \
        --height 125 \
        DEF:test=test.rrd:test:AVERAGE \
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