[rrd-users] RRD, total value an possible solution, should be graph area?

Francesco Andreozzi francesco.andreozzi at gamestorm.it
Thu Jul 8 19:09:20 CEST 2010

Hi list,
I've a simple question, i hope :D

im using rrd to collect data from an irradiation sensors
graph result can be see here

i would like to made a computation of the total amount of watt on a  
specific time range, basically on all the day.

My question is.. i collect watt/m2 every 5 minutes, can i  
compute/produce  kWh/m2/day. ?

i think can be considering as graph area, this is correct ?

there is a way to do it automatically with rrdtool ?

i crate a simple rrd with this create command

rrdtool create $RRDNAME --start $TIME_START --step 300 \
         RRA:MIN:0.5:1:1051200 \
         RRA:MAX:0.5:1:1051200 \

values coming with $ because rrds are made from scripts ;)

Thankyou for all help you can give me  :)
ciao Francesco

Francesco Andreozzi
Cell +39-335-1823624

NetStorm S.n.c
Via Verdi 9/11
20077 Melegnano(MI)


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