[rrd-users] move a ds to a new rrd file

Joel jbrooks at oddelement.com
Wed Jul 14 20:41:05 CEST 2010

Thanks for the suggestion Simon.

The way my nagios check works is:

Query db server, get a list of customer db's
For each db, query value
Return info text | nagios perfdata

The perfdata string contain the current value for each customer db.

Nagios + pnp process the data and automatically create the rrd files and graphs.

I could change the nagios check so it queries a specific database rather than dynamically getting a list, but then I'd have a lot of nagios checks a.) to set up, and b.) running on my nagios server.  That results in a lot of overhead.

I was hoping there would be a relatively easy way to just move a ds from one rrd to another rrd - even if it means some manual steps (dump, parse, import).  Since databases don't move *that* often, it would be less taxing (on me and the nagios server) to just move the ds.

If there are no options, I have just have to go with your suggestion, but it would be less dynamic for this particular case.

Open to other suggestions!


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Joel Brooks wrote:

>one of the checks i do is to monitor each customer database on each 
>database server.  There could be anywhere from 1 to 35 or so 
>databases on a database server.
>some times, I need to move a customer's database from one server to 
>another (capacity, performance, etc).
>when i do this, i'd like to be able to move that customer's data 
>source from the old db server rrd file to the new database server's 
>rrd file.

How about keeping a separate rrd file for each database ? Scalable - 
add a database, add a corresponding rrd file. Portable - move a 
database, move it's rrd file.

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