[rrd-users] Unexpected value in RRD

Rajkumar S rajkumars at gmail.com
Tue Jun 15 13:57:58 CEST 2010

Hi all,

I was debugging a wrong graph in cacti and it finally boiled down to
wrong value in RRD.

To debug I have isolated the problem into simple rrd commands, while
my input data is correct, the actual value stored in RRD is not what I
expect. I am not really sure what is going wrong!

I am creating RRD using the following command:

/usr/bin/rrdtool create \
test1.rrd \
--start 1276487400 \
--step 300  \
DS:value1:COUNTER:600:0:12500000 \

I insert the following values into it:
rrdtool updatev test1.rrd 1276487402:3179452 1276487701:3179779 \
1276488001:3180113 1276488302:3180441 1276488601:3180768 \
1276488902:3181106 1276489201:3181450 1276489502:3181804 \
1276489801:3182186 1276490101:3182505 1276490401:3182828

I get the following output:

return_value = 0
[1276487700]RRA[AVERAGE][1]DS[value1] = 1.0936454849e+00
[1276488000]RRA[AVERAGE][1]DS[value1] = 1.1132677072e+00
[1276488300]RRA[AVERAGE][1]DS[value1] = 1.0897797711e+00
[1276488600]RRA[AVERAGE][1]DS[value1] = 1.0936191884e+00
[1276488900]RRA[AVERAGE][1]DS[value1] = 1.1228259944e+00
[1276489200]RRA[AVERAGE][1]DS[value1] = 1.1503178183e+00
[1276489500]RRA[AVERAGE][1]DS[value1] = 1.1759944740e+00
[1276489800]RRA[AVERAGE][1]DS[value1] = 1.2769152250e+00
[1276490100]RRA[AVERAGE][1]DS[value1] = 1.0640475288e+00
[1276490400]RRA[AVERAGE][1]DS[value1] = 1.0766222222e+00

The difference between two values inserted is around 300 and time
difference is 5 minutes. I expected the values to be 327, 334, 328,
327, 338 etc... but the values  that is inserted into RRD is around 1
as you can see from the output above. I am using  RRDtool version
1.3.1 in debian.

Any help to find out what is wrong is greatly appreciated.

Thanks and regards,


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