[rrd-users] rrd graph not flushing cached data

Eduardo Bragatto eduardo at bragatto.com
Tue May 25 18:11:52 CEST 2010

On May 25, 2010, at 12:53 PM, Eduardo Bragatto wrote:

> Here's what I see in the telnet,  when testing:
> with symlink:
> FLUSH /usr/local/rrd/myproject/repository/local/switches/myswitch/ 
> 10146.rrd
> 0 Nothing to flush: /usr/local/rrd/myproject/repository/local/ 
> switches/myswitch/10146.rrd.
> without it (same file):
> Flush /usr/local/rrd/myproject/rrd/switches/myswitch/10146.rrd
> 0 Successfully flushed /usr/local/rrd/myproject/rrd/switches/ 
> myswitch/10146.rrd.

I have removed the symlink and replaced it with a null mount, so there  
are no symlinks on the way anymore. However the error persists.

I have a guess here, all my "rrd_update" calls, are made to the real  
path and all my "rrd_graph" calls are made to the symlink/null mount  

Looks like rrdcached is internally saving the full path of the  
"rrd_update" files, and flushes those files only if the flush command  
sends exactly the same path -- is that true? If so, that explains all  
my problems.

Eduardo Bragatto.
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