[rrd-users] Windows 1.2.30 -> 1.4.4 - file format change?

Dave Whitehead DaveW at marwell.org.uk
Thu Nov 4 12:06:55 CET 2010


Sadly I don't have the facilities to recompile 1.4.4 (even if I knew
what the settings were). Is there no way to convert (onetime) the
existing RRD to new format? Could I dump the data out using 1.2 and
import in some way to a new RRD created with 1.4?

Many thanks

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Hi Dave,

Today Dave Whitehead wrote:

> Hi
> I found a site with a binary of RRD 1.4.4 for Windows, downloaded this
> and it runs ok.
> However when I try and access a RRD file that is being maintained by
> 1.2.30 (the only other binary for Windows I could find) it says ...
> 	"ERROR: 'kwh.rrd' is too small (should be 9534384 bytes)"
> I assume there is a file format change between the 2 versions.....the
> question is how do I switch over to use 1.4.4 everywhere - what do I
> need to do to my existing RRDs to allow 1.4.4 to work with them?

there is a format change ... BUT newer versions of rrdtool can read
the old file as you stick with the same platform. In windows land,
different compiler options can cause rrdtool to produce different
binary represenations.

It seems that your 1.4.4 binary is such a case ... by compiling
rrdtool 1.4.4 with the same settings as 1.2 will give you a
compatible binary.


> Dave
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