[rrd-users] RRA's for a Month

Shaun Reitan mailinglists at unix-scripts.com
Fri Nov 5 22:53:33 CET 2010

For historical reasons and trying to be as efficient as possible i plan 
to create separate RRD databases per month.  This will allow me to keep 
a customers data for as long as the customer exists.  We generally don't 
generate graphs for longer than 1 month (normally 1 Hour, 24 Hour, 7 
Day, 1 Month) graphs.  However there's a possibility that i may want to 
generate a graph longer than 1 month.  I'm thinking this wont be a 
problem because i can just tell rrdgraph to combine each rrd to generate 
the length i need ( chances of me needing to do this is slim ).  I do 
however want to possibly generate graphs for the last 30 days of data 
which if I'm into the middle of a month would mean that i would need to 
span two RRD files.  Does anybody for see any problems with this?

Now for the RRA's.  I'm trying to figure out what would be best RRA's to 
use.  Originally i used the following options


I'm not so sure i need the MAX rra's.  My graphs are pretty simple, the 
legend shows the min, max, and last value but the graph only shows the 

Also the rows I'm not sure what i should do.  Should i keep what i have 
and chop them all down to 31 days?

Thanks in advance.


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