[rrd-users] loading old data

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Nov 18 09:37:09 CET 2010

As long as the data are organised in regular time intervals, then you could load this into an RRD file by createing an RRD ending on the earliest available data time, and then sequentially adding the values to the RRD file until finished.

You would need to consider the lengths of RRAs you require depending on how much detail you need to retain and how much can be rolled up into averages.


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I would like to start tracking the growth of my source control server,
starting with data from 2007.  For each repository, on a given date, I
have its size and revision number, and I have a perl script to pack all
the historic data into one big hash table.

I am wondering if I rrdtool can be used for this, since the data is old,
or should I look into something completely different, like mysql and
some other graphing system.

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