[rrd-users] "wrong" highest resolution?

Marco Marongiu brontolinux at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 13:17:49 CET 2010

Simon Hobson ha scritto:
> In other words, you are asking for a graph of 8640 values from a data 
> set that only contains 600. The 'best' data set that contains the 
> number of data points (or rather, covers the time interval) asked for 
> is the third which consolidates 2 PDPs into a CDP with a resolution 
> of 600s.

Thanks Simon, now it makes sense. My (wrong) assumption was that fetch
would have returned the data with the desired resolution where
available, and filled with NaN the rest --since data with that
resolution was actually available, even if for a smaller intervall than

I tried with -s 1290435000 -e 1290615000 -r 300, and fetch returns CDP
with a 300s interval, as expected. Thanks!


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