[rrd-users] Please help me understand this

Marklar Inc. marklar at marklar.biz
Fri Oct 15 00:46:45 CEST 2010

I really need help understanding this. Im trying to graph five values from 04-10-10 - 08-10-10 which is from Monday to Friday.

When i do a rrdtool dump, is see the values are correct inserted from Monday to Friday. But when i graph it, it shows from Sunday to Thursday.
One day to early. Im propably doing something wrong.

The commands are listed below.


rrdtool create AAPL.rrd --step 86400 --start 1286107200 DS:open:GAUGE:86400:0:100000  RRA:LAST:0.5:1:1825
rrdtool update AAPL.rrd 1286193600:281.60
rrdtool update AAPL.rrd 1286280000:282.00
rrdtool update AAPL.rrd 1286366400:289.59
rrdtool update AAPL.rrd 1286452800:290.34
rrdtool update AAPL.rrd 1286539200:291.71
rrdtool graph AAPL.png --start 1286020800 --end  1286576091 --width 1600 --watermark "this is wierd" DEF:open=AAPL.rrd:open:LAST LINE1:open#000000 

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