[rrd-users] Is it possible to Access an RRD Remotely (e.g. by connecting to that machine's RRDTool over a socket)

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
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You can do this in several ways; Bernard has already mentioned RRD server, but (with RRDTool 1.4.x) you can also use rrdcached, the caching daemon, to provide remote access over the network to a subset of commands.  I've been playing with the quite a bit recently and it has a whole load of useful possibilities.

With rrdcached you can  run update and fetch over the network, and graph can run locally but pull the date from a remote rrdcached.  If you get the current trunk (beta) version of rrdtool 1.4 then you can also run first, last, info, and create over the network as well.

In your setup, if you put the rrdcached between cacti and rrdtool using a UNIX-domain socket (by setting the RRDCACHED_ADDRESS before starting Cacti) then it should continue to run as normal but will be a bit more efficient on writes; however you can also have rrdcached listen on a TCP socket simultaneously allowing your remote Windows box to query the database via this.  Having the local Cacti write via a unix socket rather than TCP is better as it is (1) faster and (2) can fall back to using direct mode for commands not yet supported by rrdcached.

For security, you can set rrdcached command line options to prevent the remote Windows box from doing anything other than first/last/info/fetch, and use tcpwrappers or local firewall to restrict remote connections.


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Hi All, is it possible to connect access an RRD (e.g. Cacti RRD) from a different machine over the network? (e.g. connect to the RRDTool over TCP or something)

More context:  We have Cacti (RRD backend) deployed on a linux machine and want to be able to query the Cacti RRD database from a windows machine.  However, we don't know if this is possible without us writing custom server code to serve as the interface to the linux machine's RRDTool.

Thank you all for your time.

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