[rrd-users] rrdcached issues with larger number of clients via network/pthread

Tobias Oetiker tobi at oetiker.ch
Sun Oct 31 08:09:43 CET 2010

HI Ulf,

Yesterday Ulf Zimmermann wrote:

> I got close to 300 machines running collectd, configured to use unixsocks to rrdcached on a central server. We are running more and more into threads dieing (collectd then starts complaining and fills up /var/messages) and when we try to restart collectd, sometimes it works, sometimes we end up with:
> Oct 30 22:27:19 log02 rrdcached[16864]: listen_thread_main: pthread_create failed.
> Oct 30 22:27:34 log02 rrdcached[16864]: listen_thread_main: pthread_create failed.
> Oct 30 22:28:10 log02 rrdcached[16864]: listen_thread_main: pthread_create failed.
> And at this point we usual have to restart the rrdcached daemon, which then means having to restart collectd on close to 300 machines.
> How can this be debugged to find the issue (potential inside of pthreads). The central server is running RedHat EL5 Update 4, the rrdtool/rrdcached is 1.4.4 from rpmforge.
> Ulf, who is getting more grey hair by the minute with issues like this :-(

try the latest stable snapshot ... there are already a number of
fixes in the 1.4 branche ... for memory issues and such ... maybe
this affects your problem too.



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