[rrd-users] ds[1].max?

Joel Brooks jbrooks at oddelement.com
Thu Sep 2 18:09:44 CEST 2010

hey all,

how can i use the ds[x].max value in a graph command.?

i'd like to use the max value in a calculation, but I'm not sure how to get
at it... if i understand correctly, the ds[x].max value is not the same as
the :MAX consolidation function (which is the maximum recorded value for the
ds and the ds.max is the manually set limit on what the ds can do).

i'd like to do something like:

DEF:bytes_free=myrrdfile.rrd:1:MAX                       # max recorded
CDEF:real_max=ds[1].max                            # max possible upper
VDEF:bytes_used=real_max,bytes_free,-       # used bytes -- my rrd only
records the FREE amount, so i need to calculate this

any pointers?


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