[rrd-users] step period, start and end

Justin Carroll justcarroll at gmail.com
Tue Sep 21 21:04:05 CEST 2010

I am collecting total accumulation data from a water meter.  The data
collected is the last value during different time periods.  10s, 30 minutes
and 1 day.   The meter resets every day at midnight.

I create daily, weekly and monthly graphs.  They all resemble a sawtooth
shape with a straight line down to zero at midnight.

The monthly graph is where I am having issues. I was hoping that it would
show daily total, the last value just before it reset.  However is just
shows a more compressed sawtooth.

I next set the step to be 86400s, or 1 day.  This created a graph that is
very close to what I want except that the end of the 1 day step is not at


Is there a way to force the beginning or end of the step?

Does it have something to do with the start time of the rrd itself?

Should I be going about this in a different manner?

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