[rrd-users] weird behaviour of rrd graph

Roland Kletzing devzero at web.de
Thu Sep 30 09:09:07 CEST 2010

thanks for all the help,
i will try these hints to see if they fix the problem.
Unfortunately, the effect happened very few times, so i will
need some time to report the result....


From: "Alex van den Bogaerdt" <alex at vandenbogaerdt.nl>
Sent: Wednesday, September 29, 2010 10:25 PM
To: "Roland Kletzing" <devzero at web.de>
Cc: <rrd-users at lists.oetiker.ch>
Subject: Re: [rrd-users] weird behaviour of rrd graph

>> Anyway, regarding the modulo trick - i`m not sure if i got that right
>> You mean like this ?
>> export now=$(( `date +"%s"` - $((`date +"%s"` % 21600)) ))
>> rrdtool .... --start end-1y  --end $now ....
> There will be shortcuts.  For instance, if your shell uses integer 
> calculations (probably it does), try:
> rrdtool ... --end $((`date +%s` / 21600 * 21600)) ...
> Or, if you want to have some logging available not just for yourself but 
> also for others, so that the problem can be reproduced, export now as you 
> do, combined with the shortcut I proposed, and echo the entire rrdtool 
> command line to a logfile ( echo rrdtool ... --end $now ... >> 
> /tmp/rrd.txt )
> If this actually makes a difference, it could be that all your graphs are 
> in the undesired way. If so, subtract an hour or so from the date.
> Keep us posted please! 

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