[rrd-users] pnp4nagios and rrdcached

Fritjof Bornebusch - Skyfillers F.Bornebusch at skyfillers.com
Thu Apr 28 11:39:10 CEST 2011

Hi guys,

I'm trying to use rrdcached with pnp4nagios to view the graphics over icinga.
All works perfectly if I don't use rddcached .
But if I wanna try to use rddcached after this documentation: http://docs.pnp4nagios.org/pnp-0.6/rrdcached
I get the following error from rrdc_flush:

ERROR: rrdc_flush (PATH/TO/Filename.rrd) failed with status -1.

I have removed the old *.rrd files and let  created  some new over pnp4nagios (first I use rrdtool directly, without rrdcached) but I get the error anyway.

The OS is Debian Squeeze with rrdtool / rrdcached version 1.4.3


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