[rrd-users] merge/combine RRD database files

fredrik at n-mental.com fredrik at n-mental.com
Fri Dec 9 08:11:29 CET 2011

09.12.2011 01:13 skrev Martin T:
> I have two RRD database files: old.rrd and new.rrd. According to
> "rrdtool info old.rrd" it's a rrd_version = "0001" file and new.rrd 
> is
> a rrd_version = "0003" file. Data source type is COUNTER. Both
> databases are used to store router interface counter values.
> Is it possible to merge those two files into one? Or at least 
> generate
> graphs based on information from both files?
> regards,
> martin
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Its simple to create graphs with data from different files. Just add 
two data-definitions, one for each file, to rrdtool graph command

rrdtool graph DEF:<vname>=<rrdfile1>:... DEF:<vname>=<rrdfile2>:... 


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